Best Real Estate Apps - Discover The Most Popular Apps

Best Real Estate Apps - Discover The Most Popular Apps

Best Real Estate Apps – Discover The Most Popular Apps

In recent years, the home-buying process has shifted from newspaper ads to smartphone apps, making it easier to browse property listings.

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Thousands of listings are available in the best real estate apps.

Plus, some of these popular apps can help you buy, sell, or even rent, so they’re not just for buying a home.

Read on to discover the best real estate apps available.

Best Real Estate Apps – Discover the most popular apps


Zillow is a full-featured real estate app for anyone looking to buy, rent, or sell a home.

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The search tab allows me to search millions of apartments and homes for rent or for sale and refine my results using advanced search filters.

Everything from 3D walkthroughs to publicly available tax information can be found in listings in the Zillow app.

When I see a home for sale or rent that I like, I can contact the owner or real estate agent through the app.

Creating a Zillow home listing is free, and potential buyers or renters can connect with me through the app.

When I’m ready to contact an agent to sell my home or help me buy a home, I can use Zillow’s real estate agent directory to search for local agents and read reviews.

Plus, the app’s mortgage feature makes estimating my payments and finding lenders a breeze.

Xome Auction

Xome (pronounced zome) is an online property auction service.

The company was established in 2015. The purpose of Xome is to provide an easy way to deliver a complete end-to-end real estate experience.

On Xome, people can buy and sell homes, but I also get the full real estate experience from start to finish, including mortgages, Xome signing (notary signature), Xome auctions, Xome live sales and property services, appraisals, and more.

In short, it’s similar to eBay, but only for home sellers and buyers.

However, a feature of the platform that may deter some homebuyers — Xome forces buyers to pay all agency commissions on top of winning bids.

Redfin tuna

Redfin strives to make the buying and selling process as easy as possible.

Its affordable commission rates and services attract clients from all over the country.

At Redfin, you can be a buyer or a seller.

Sellers can use Redfin to advertise their homes for a 1% commission.

This is the company’s core service. Users can also interact with listing agents and receive professional photos and 3D tours.

Finally, sellers can get a full real estate cash offer through RedfinNow.

This allows you to quickly sell your property without the hassle of viewing and negotiating.

Buyers can work with agents to find the latest listings, views and bids.


Trulia is a mobile real estate app that lets me search millions of homes.

The app also notifies me when new items are available.

I can also access a personalized feed of recommended accommodations.

The search function also provides filters for properties currently for sale or rent and recently sold properties.

I can filter my options by property type and size, or use keywords to denote must-have features.

Most entries contain many pictures and video overviews or 3D tours.

With helpful facts and map overlays, I can even get an idea of what’s nearby.

Homebuyers can use mortgage calculators and other mortgage tools.

Notably, Trulia is owned by the same company that owns the Zillow real estate app.

Trulia was acquired by the Zillow Group a few years ago, bringing the two digital real estate giants together under one roof. is a feature-rich real estate app for anyone looking to buy or rent.

I can use the search tool to find homes for rent or for sale anywhere in the US. I can also refine my search using the app’s various filters and see the results in a map or list view.

The app provides detailed information about the property and surrounding community, such as: B. Proximity to schools, noise levels and crime rates.

Some posts also include 3D tours that allow me to view properties from my phone.

If you are interested in a house, I can use the app to organize a viewing or contact an agent. offers a variety of financial tools in addition to real estate listings.

Based on my current income and expenses, the app helps me estimate my monthly expenses and how much I can afford.

I can also pre-approve mortgages and review mortgage rates. Network

After installing the app, I no longer need a proxy because the app acts as my proxy.

I have access to apartment and single-family rental listings in every major and minor U.S. city.

Of course, the search experience is a key element of the application.

I can search by state, zip code, city, or use the Find Nearby feature.

I don’t have to keep looking for houses I’m interested in because I can add them to my favorites. also features 3D tours that allow me to look around potential homes from the comfort of my computer or mobile device.

Using multiple virtual modes, I can inspect a house, apartment or other residence.

The LoopNet app is the mobile version of the well-known commercial real estate listing platform.

It has over 50,000 commercial property listings available for sale, lease and auction.

However, unlike the LoopNet website, the app doesn’t show any franchises or businesses for sale.

Like other real estate apps, the LoopNet app filters listings by tenant (single-family or multi-family), property type, city, and price.

I can bookmark and share searches for future use and favorite lists.

The details on the listing will largely depend on the listing agent, but most will include at least a few pictures and basic property details such as floor area and year built.

While I can get information about stockbrokers, checking LoopNet’s database of brokers requires visiting the entire site.

This is a good thing because I can use the app to contact listing brokers for free.


The Homesnap app is designed to provide buyers with an easy and efficient way to search for properties.

Homesnap partners with local Multiple Listing Services (MLS) to make current real estate listings available to app users.

The fact that Homesnap is a mobile app exclusively for iOS and Android users is one of the things that sets it apart from other property search sites.

If I’m on a laptop or desktop, I can’t view listing information or dates.

I can use the app to search for homes with HD images and get specific listing information such as property history, property lines, and school attendance zones.

I can also program the app to notify me of new offers, price adjustments or other market developments in any zip code I provide.

Bigger pockets

BiggerPockets is the most comprehensive resource for rental investors looking to learn, network and connect.

They also have a calculator section on their website for evaluating rental properties, wholesale, rehabilitation, and BRRRR investments, among others.

Through the app, I can learn about all aspects of real estate and real estate investing.

Tools, data and resources are also provided to help me improve my real estate expertise, close deals, marketing, networking and other day-to-day real estate operations.

One major downside of using BiggerPockets is that I’m limited to five free property reviews. After that, I have to pay $39.00 per month or $390.00 per year to get a Pro membership.

It also offers premium memberships for $99.00 per month for real estate agents, investors, and coin lending organizations.

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Movoto Real Estate in Ojo

Movoto’s Property Listing, once known for its listings of local living in various locations, now offers comprehensive property searches and listing details that rival any other app I’ve tested.

Property profiles include one- and five-year market information, zip codes and nearby cities.

The property’s asking price also shows how it compares to others.

When I view all current listings, the map and search options show the number of days the property has been on the market.

In order to discover important features, I have to scroll down a bit.

The text block for the listing agent comes before many of the property details, which I feel is more important since the long description is pulled from multiple listing services locally.

In conclusion

Check out the list above to learn (and download) more about the best and most popular real estate apps available today, whether you’re looking for a new home, investment property, or selling your current desired home.

You can download all the apps on:


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