Caynax Tracker App - How To Download This Amazing App

Caynax Tracker App - How To Download This Amazing App

Caynax Tracker App – How To Download This Amazing App

We always want to be able to track or monitor our progress while running or cycling.

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I am looking for an application that can help me.

I was lucky enough to discover his Caynax Tracker app through a friend.

A friend of mine has been using this app for a while and recommended it as the perfect companion for running and cycling.

The app automatically tracks distance, speed, calories burned, steps taken, and more.

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See below for more information on the Caynax Tracker app.

Learn how it can help you keep track of your records and activities.

  • Caynax Tracker Details
  • Accept EULA for his Caynax Tracker
  • Start with the Caynax Tracker app
  • Track your physical activity on the Activity tab
  • Check your training history
  • Add location and schedule to Caynax Tracker

Caynax Tracker Details

Caynax trackers can be used for a variety of fitness activities such as running, cycling, walking, and even roller skating.

The Caynax Tracker always gives me a comprehensive report on my physical activity.

Caynax released the Caynax Tracker app in January 2016, allowing individuals to monitor their progress on their fitness and wellness journey.

Caynax strives to continuously improve the application.

We are constantly updating and updating the Caynax Tracker App features.

These efforts have brought the app to over 1 million downloads and thousands of monthly active users.

Download the Caynax Tracker App

When a friend showed me the capabilities of his Caynax tracker, I knew right away that I liked the convenience and usefulness of the app.

I also immediately installed his Caynax Tracker app from the Google Play Store.

This application can only be installed for free on Android devices.

Also, Caynax Tracker only supports Android OS 4.4 and above, so the app will not work on older versions of Android OS.

Finally, the app supports more than 30 languages.

Accept EULA for Caynax Tracker

After installing the Caynax Tracker app, I got the End User License Agreement or EULA.

We have explained the terms of the license agreement so that you can fully understand them.

Caynax Tracker makes it clear from the start that the app is ad-supported.

This means you will see in-app ads, banner ads, and full-screen ads.

Unfortunately, Caynax says they don’t allow user blocking.

Finally, when a user provides an app with personal information, the app describes its privacy policy.

No personal information will be shared with third-party services and they will do their best to protect my privacy while using the Caynax Tracker App.

Understanding Caynax Tracker Alerts

Now that you’ve accepted the EULA for the Caynax Tracker, there’s one final caveat before you start enjoying its features.

As a personal trainer, you should not rely on the Caynax Tracker app, even when it comes to sports or fitness activities.

This app emphasizes the need to consider factors that may put my physical condition and health at risk.

Some activities in the app are not suitable for children or pregnant women.

Caynax is not responsible for the way I participate in these activities and I encourage you to consult with your doctor before participating in these activities.

We expressly disclaim that we are not responsible for any damages or effects.

Start with the Caynax Tracker app

After reading and accepting the EULA and warnings, you can finally enjoy the functionality of the application.

First, I was asked to accept the Google Drive integration, which included automatic data backup.

Also, the data is assigned to my Google account.

This means your account and data won’t disappear even if you switch to another device or delete the app.

Finally, Google Drive integration allows syncing between different devices.

Caynax Tracker then asked me to choose a Google account to connect to the app.

It is assumed that your Google Account will be your primary login for Caynax Tracker.

Note that account verification is not required. I just clicked the agree and allow button.

Fill in your profile details

I also provided the user profile data as in the previous step.

Choose your preferred unit of measurement – Metric (km, kg) or Imperial (mi, lb).

The app asked me to enter my gender, date of birth, weight, and height.

After providing this information, click Agree in the upper right corner of the screen.

I was also asked to allow Caynax Sports Tracker to access my device’s location.

Select “Allow only when using the app”. The other options are always Allow or Deny.

Caynax Tracker tracks the distance of your activity, so it’s important to allow apps to access your location.

Track your physical activity on the Activity tab

Before launching the tracker, I selected a map of my choice, Google Maps or Open Street Maps.

Tap your selection and the map will expand on the screen to guide you as you run, bike, or even skate.

Click the play button at the bottom center of the screen to let the Physical Activity app count your steps.

I enabled it by clicking the change permissions button.

This means that the app will automatically record my activity.

Press the play button to monitor speed, distance, and duration on the counter above the map.

The app shows your real-time speed in km/h so you know how far you can go in a given time.

Pauses or breaks are correctly reflected in the duration section.

It also has a darker field of view so you can see the screen better and control speed, distance and time at night or in strong sunlight.

Show my physical activity and workout

Below the card are the lock, play, and settings buttons.

The lock button locks the settings and the map so you cannot accidentally change the map view.

This can also be used for security purposes.

The settings button allows you to select multiple options for the app to detect expected physical activity.

First, you must specify the type of activity: cycling, hiking, horseback riding, motorcycling, roller skating, rowing, running, skating, swimming, walking, etc.

I also had to specify the type of training, be it basic training or a training goal.

You can also set an automatic pause for a certain amount of time.

Finally, you can specify the route you want to follow.

Check your training history

One of my favorite things about the Caynax Tracker app is the ability to track your entire workout history.

This means that the app not only provides data about your current physical activity but also historical physical activity data.

Caynax Tracker shows the total time and total distance I traveled.

Just specify or set the date range and the app will automatically show or display the dates.

You can also sort your training history by activity type.

How can I see specific activity data? For example, the app makes it easy to see your running data for the past month.

Monitor my stats

Looking at past physical activity logged in the app, you can see the average time spent in different physical activities, as well as the average distance and speed.

The app also counts the total calories burned and each completed activity session.

Caynax trackers determine calorie burn based on activity type and speed, duration, and distance.

Data can be arranged daily, weekly, or monthly.

Add Locations and Schedules to Caynax Tracker

The Caynax Tracker does more than just record distance, speed, and duration.

The app can also be used as a photo gallery and calendar with locations and dates.

The location feature allows you to take photos during your event.

The app encourages you to take a moment and pause occasionally to learn about your surroundings.

I want you to take pictures of the places I have visited or visited.

That’s why the Caynax Tracker app has a folder where you can store and access photos taken while exercising in different locations.

The Caynax Tracker app doubles as your personal planner, adding reminders to your schedule.

You can remind yourself when you want to exercise by clicking the plus icon on the schedule tab.

You can also add details such as activity type, exercise type, start and end date, and time.

In-app purchases in Caynax Tracker

The Caynax Tracker app is free to download, but there are in-app items available for purchase.

Each element helps make your application easier for users.

Additional features are priced from $0.99 to $12 per item.

Payment can be made through your Google Play Store account.

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In conclusion

The Caynax Tracker app is a great companion for tracking physical activity. Automatically records speed, duration, and distance.

It supports various sports activities and all data are available in the “Statistics” tab.

You can download all the apps on:


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