Clothes Organizing App - Free Download & Learn How to Use

Clothes Organizing App - Free Download & Learn How to Use

Clothes Organizing App – Free Download & Learn How to Use

I love planning my outfits every day because it gives me the security I need when I’m out and about.

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I spent years stocking my closet with clothes that matched my style and keeping up with fashion trends.

Over the years, I have amassed clothing items that I find difficult to combine with my everyday fashion. Rations can be found.

Learn more about the Smart Closet app and its features below.

See how you can use the Smart Closet app to organize your wardrobe and plan your daily outfits.

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Find out how to install the Smart Closet app on your smartphone.

  • Introducing Intelligent Closet
  • Discover the smart wardrobe app
  • Check out the stylish look of your smart closet
  • Create a virtual version of My Closet in the app
  • Organize your closet with the Smart Closet app
  • Store and plan outfits in smart closets

Introducing Intelligent Closet

I love adding new clothes to my wardrobe: tops, skirts, dresses, scarves, jeans and coats.

I’m always on the lookout for the latest fashion trends so I can feel confident when I leave the house.

You bring home new clothes all the time, so you realize too late that your closet is a mess.

Because you don’t know where to put your new clothes.

I was looking for a way to manage and organize my closet online and came across the Smart Closet App.

Interestingly, mobile apps are acting as companions for organizing the clothes in your closet.

The Smart Closet app also supports choosing clothes from thousands of brands and retailers, so you can add them to your virtual closet within the app.

You can also combine clothing projects stored in the Smart Closet app to plan big events or everyday outfits.

The app allows you to plan what to wear on your calendar.

Install the smart wardrobe app

When I was looking for a solution for my messy closet, I found a quick solution online.

The Smart Closet app is highly recommended due to its high user ratings and excellent user reviews.

Rabbit Tech Inc. released his Smart Closet app in June 2016. The Smart Closet App is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Smart Closet is completely free to install, but there are in-app purchases to enhance your app experience.

The Smart Closet app is compatible with devices running Android 4.2+ and iOS 11.0+.

Discover the smart wardrobe app

After installing the app, Smart Closet will request access to my photos and media files.

The app also needs access to my phone’s camera to take pictures of my clothes and add them to my wardrobe.

After granting permission, you will be able to view all content and features using Smart Closet.

One thing I’ve noticed is that the app looks like an online clothing store full of beautiful clothes.

It felt like shopping virtually with the Smart Closet app.

The Smart Closet app has five main tabs such as Home, Closet, Lookbook and Favorites.

The Home tab lets you view your most popular fashion items such as tops, dresses, shoes, and even accessories.

The Smart Closet app allows you to turn your physical closet into a virtual closet.

The Lookbook tab keeps track of what you wore for the day and allows you to plan your outfits for the days ahead.

You can even save your fashion ideas in the app for later reference.

Create an account on Smart Closet

The Smart Closet app is free to use without an account, but I was prompted to sign up.

With your Smart Closet app account, you can easily share your performance with your friends on various social media and messaging platforms.

Link your Google or Facebook account to create an account in the app.

The Smart Closet app asks me to record my name, age, email address and profile picture for my Smart Closet account.

Before completing the account creation on the Smart Closet app, she asked me to read and agree to her privacy policy.

Another benefit of having an account in the app is the ability to sync files between the cloud and local storage.

Check out the stylish look of your smart closet

One of her main features of the Smart Closet app is to get fashion inspiration.

It’s also easy to find the perfect look for the available outfits.

The smart closet app not only shows clothes, but also recommended accessories.

On the Home tab’s Popular page, you can browse popular looks that you can buy and create with these garments.

You can also search for combinations of clothes that match the clothes you have.

These stylish looks are created and posted by other her Smart Closet app users.

Other users can like these posts to increase your popularity.

You can also check out our popular user lookbooks for more inspiration

These stylish look posts detail clothing and accessories with brand names.

For example, I like styles that can be paired with mum jeans, crop tops, and basic sneakers.

Follow friends and influencers for fashion inspiration

The Smart Closet app aims to be a platform for users to share fashion ideas and inspiration.

In this way, you can follow users who have gained followers on the app while constantly changing their daily fashion.

After creating an account on the Smart Closet app, I was able to follow these people who became my fashion inspirations and icons.

Also, follow your real friends in the app.

By following a friend, you can check out his lookbook to see his OOTD.

You won’t miss what they’re wearing, especially if they haven’t shared it on other social media platforms.

Create a virtual version of My Closet in the app

The main feature of the Smart Closet app is that I can save my physical closet as a virtual closet by storing all my clothes in it.

Yes, I can really put anything in my closet.

There are three ways I can add items from my closet to the app: upload from my phone gallery, take a photo directly in the app, and browse the store by make and model.

The app supports photographing clothes.

It has simple photo editing tools to ensure clear and beautiful images.

I can even rotate, resize, crop, erase and fill images with ease.

Search for Shop in the Smart Closet app

When I decided to turn my wardrobe into a virtual wardrobe in the Smart Closet app, my first option was to browse the store.

There are thousands of popular brands and retailers in the app, making it easy for me to find what I own.

Interestingly, the app divides the store into the following categories: clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry, and beauty products.

But I can also view clothes by brand and store.

Organize my wardrobe in the Smart Closet app

When I have a cluttered closet, I use the app to clean and organize my closet.

It gives me three ways to do it – by category, color or season.

I can sort my clothes by category, which makes it easier for me to find all my jeans, tops, accessories, etc.

Some of my friends like to sort their closets by color because it’s easy to see.

Interestingly, the Smart Closet app has another feature that allows me to sort my virtual wardrobe by status.

I can mark items, wishlists or clothes in my virtual closet as available.

It helps me check what I’m looking to buy or what’s available for my everyday outfits this week.

Add your favorite clothes and looks to the app

As I mentioned before, the app is a platform where I can find my fashion inspiration and symbols.

This allows me to save the look I want.

Also, Smart Closet allows me to add clothes from any store I like so I can actually check out their store.

Save and plan my outfits on Smart Closet

The Smart Closet app asked me to record my daily wear.

So it has a lookbook tab that makes it easy for me to take and save pictures of myself in outfits.

I can also choose clothes from my virtual wardrobe.

Sometimes I forget to take a picture of my clothes, so I use the virtual closet in the Smart Closet app to photograph it.

Also planning my outfits for the next few days.

There’s a calendar feature where I can add clothes I want to wear, especially for special occasions or big events.

The app reminds me every day that these are the clothes I want to wear that day.

Secure my account in the Smart Closet app

If I accidentally delete the Smart Closet app, I don’t want my Virtual Closet and Lookbooks to disappear.

In addition to creating an account in the app, the Smart Closet app also recommends backing up my account to the cloud or local file storage.

However, I have to pay $0.99 per month to protect my account.

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At last

Using the Smart Closet app, anyone can turn their actual wardrobe into a virtual one to plan ahead for their daily outfits.

Smart Closet offers ways to find fashion inspiration and shop online.

You can download all the apps on:


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