My Face App - Download Instructions

My Face App - Download Instructions

My Face App – Download Instructions

It’s interesting to learn more about ourselves, both physical and personality traits.

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There may be some trivial things that are obvious, but we ignore them or focus on them.

One of them is our face shape, which can help in different situations.

As unusual as it may sound, some people know how important it is to know their face shape, as they are the basis for certain tasks or activities.

Some of these activities can choose the perfect angle for their photo or find the best frame for their glasses.

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Believe it or not, there is a mobile app that identifies the face shapes we can use when choosing the best glasses frames – it’s called My Face Shape Meter App.

Learn more about the My Face Shape app below.

  • Identify your face shape with your phone
  • Recognize facial shapes in apps
  • Draw our face on the face knife
  • Try glasses frames with a face shaper

Identify your face shape with your phone

I never paid attention to my face shape until my friend mentioned that I should think about it before choosing a new frame for my glasses.

I tend to choose frames based on what I think works best for me and what I like best.

I also choose them based on the look I want to achieve.

For example, if I wanted a simpler look, I would choose a classic frame with a simple design.

Sometimes I go for something more eccentric or frivolous.

Since my friend insisted that my frame must fit my face, I was looking for ways to identify my face.

One of the most popular methods is to use mobile apps, which have technology that automatically recognizes the shape of faces in photos.

This is how I discovered the Face Shape Meter app.

Its main goal is to provide information about our face shape to help us in different situations.

Get the face shape meter app

Users can install the Face Shape Meter app from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store.

Face Shape Meter is not a free download – a one-time purchase of $1.99 is required to access all app features and technology.

Face Shape Meter was free when it launched, but had limited access to the full version.

The team then decided to provide the full version of the app and charge a download fee.

I can say that the app is worth the money, and many other customers feel the same.

The Face Shape Meter app has entered the top 10 paid apps in the Apple App Store.

Recognize facial shapes in apps

The Face Shape Meter app really focuses on identifying our face shape through its technology.

It delivers on its promise to be an easy-to-use tool for recognizing the shape of our faces.

Face Shape Meter can identify our face shape by uploading our own portrait or selfie.

According to the app, in order to get the best results in recognizing our face shape, we have to follow three simple steps.

The first step is to create or upload an image in the application.

There are two ways to do this in the application.

One option is to upload a photo from our phone’s gallery, or you can take a photo directly in the Face Shape Meter app.

Note that these two steps are only available if we give the app permission to access the phone’s file storage and camera.

The app confirms that they will protect the information and data we collect as set out in the terms of their policy and privacy statement.

Take a photo with a face shaper

The app is expected to ask us to take a clear shot of our face to help identify our face shape.

Face Shape Meter provides us with specific instructions so that we can get the best results.

First, we can take pictures with the front or rear camera.

It is recommended to use the front camera because following the instructions we can easily see each other.

The second is to point our head directly at the camera to ensure our entire face is captured. Even turning heads can affect the final result.

Finally, we need to wear neutral facial expressions for the photo.

This is because a smile can change the shape of our face and thus affect the results of the face meter app.

With these steps, we can also use the app with other people, like friends or family, to understand their respective face shapes.

Draw our face on the face knife

After we successfully took a photo for the app, the next step is to draw our face.

One of the main features of the Face Shape Meter app is to outline our face with a special contour tool.

With this tool, you have to manually identify the edges of the face.

Manually outlining said boundaries of our face can be more accurately identified.

That’s because we personally know better than anyone or anyone else where our hairline begins, where our jaw ends, or the shape of our jaw.

The app is so intuitive that it automatically adjusts when we set a point in the outline.

Also includes guidelines for creating an outline.

For example, we need to start by establishing a line of facial symmetry – a line from the tip of the forehead to the tip of the nose to the base of the chin.

Also, the contour must cover eye level at the widest part of our face.

The line of symmetry of the face and the line at its widest point must remain vertical.

Face Shape Meter provides a zoom feature that allows you to zoom in on our face to get more precise points in our contours.

Find out the result of our face shape

Now that we have our face sketches in the app, let’s move on to the last step: finding the result of our face shape.

All we have to do is press the “Show Face Shape” button in the lower middle of the screen.

The app provides our face shape results in just a few seconds.

The Face Shape Meter app shows our contoured faces in the background so you can see the shape for yourself.

The Face Shape Meter app can detect the most common face shapes: rectangle, oval, heart, circle, square, diamond, inverted triangle, etc.

Try glasses frames with a face shaper

Once we’ve identified our face shape in the app, we can now use this information in different situations.

One of them is finding the best glasses frames for our face shape, we can still do that with the Face Shape Meter app.

The try glasses feature in the app has been updated recently, but it’s really helpful, especially for me.

It saves me the time of manually selecting and trying frames in the store because the app already lets me see how different frames look.

Additionally, the app lists the different eyeglass frames they think are best for different face shapes.

For example, I found out that I am a person with an oval face.

The Face Shape Meter app then showed me a list of popular frames that fit my face shape.

I can try them on pictures in the app to easily visualize how I look under different frames.

Get the most out of our face shape

In addition to knowing which glasses frames are best for our face shape, there are other benefits to knowing our specific face shape.

As I mentioned before, people see value in knowing their face shape in different situations.

One of them is makeup, because we know to highlight what is our best quality.

For example, most people with square face shapes tend to soften their well-defined jawline.

Also, we can easily choose the best hairstyle that helps us look our best.

Some people even consider their face shape when choosing to wear jewelry.

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In conclusion

Face Shape Meter app helps us to identify our face shape in 3 easy steps.

By understanding our face shape, we can improve our choices of eyeglass frames, hairstyles, and jewelry.

Download the app today to learn more about your face shape and see if your current style complements your face shape or if you can try something new to show off your best features.

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