Rocketbook App - Learn To Use The App

Rocketbook App - Learn To Use The App

Rocketbook App – Learn To Use The App

Note-taking is one of the most basic survival skills that came in handy during college.

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However, you are flipping through your notes and want to move them into your digital space.

It’s easy to store and organize your handwritten notes on your device thanks to the Rocketbook app and our selection of beautiful notebooks.

Read on to learn what Rocketbook is, how to use it, and my experience.

  • Rocketbook – An easy way to move your notes digitally
  • Start with the app
  • Specify the destination folder
  • Send scan
  • Using apps with beacons
  • Scan multiple pages with Rocketbook

Rocketbook – An easy way to move your notes digitally

Rocketbook is a great company that makes innovative laptops. I think his notebooks and products are very useful because they can be reused.

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Some of my favorites are Core His Notebooks and Mini-Notes that can be reused indefinitely.

I also like the Wave notebook, which is microwave safe.

Other products include reusable children’s picture books and whiteboards.

As an avid Rocketbook user, I find his Rocketbook app very useful, allowing me to scan my notes and organize them on my phone.

The app’s seven-icon shortcut system automatically crops your notes and turns them into high-quality scans that you can share with others or store in the cloud.

Its impressive handwriting recognition technology lets you search your notes, use handwritten text as filenames, and transcribe notes to email.

Save your notes to the cloud

This integration of handwriting and digitization has revolutionized the note-taking process.

As a student, I enjoy taking notes with pen and paper to memorize them, but my handwriting is messy, making it difficult to use my notes as a learning resource.

Rocketbook’s link system is also handy, making it easy to send scanned notes in PDF or JPEG format to popular cloud-based storage apps like Google Photos, OneDrive, EverNote, Box, Google Drive, Dropbox, and more.

Start with the app

I downloaded the Rocketbook app for free from the Google Play Store, but it’s also available from the Apple App Store.

With over 1 million downloads, the app has an impressive 4.7 star rating on the Google Play Store.

There are two ways to sign up for the Rocketbook app: Email or Google him.

I chose the option to sign in with Google. Then enter your date of birth and click Next.

The app then asks if I am a student, educator, professional, or creator.

However, if your work does not fall into any of the categories above, you can click Other.

I clicked the Creative/Writer option and then clicked the Submit button.

Complete your profile

The Rocketbook app asks for my gender and gives me five options: Male, Female, Non-binary/Third Gender, Other, and Don’t Say.

Then, I found that the age is automatically displayed from the date of birth.

You can also know yourself in 150 characters.

After entering all the information, I clicked Save. Provide a profile picture and you can change it at any time.

Specify the destination folder

The first task was to set a goal and press “Let’s Go!” The Rocketbook app guided them through.

He showed me the target screen.

Set up and manage your cloud storage platform on the Target screen.

Various destinations available include Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, OneNote, OneDrive, Trello, Slack, Box, Photos, and Email.

I’ve selected the Google Drive and Gmail accounts I want to use.

You can either create a new folder in your Google Drive account or select any available folder as the destination.

I clicked the Create Folder button, wrote a new folder name and clicked OK to save.

Change goals

However, you can choose any supported cloud destination and log into your account.

Depending on the destination, you can select or create folders, sections, channels, etc.

Don’t forget to click “Save”.

To change the selected target, click the icon to reassign and click Change Target.

send scanThe second task is to send the scan.

As with the first task, clicking Let’s Go! will guide you through the process.

First allow Rocketbook to take pictures and videos.

Then click the New Scan icon to start capturing the page.

Then place the page you want to scan on the screen.

It is important that the scan screen captures the entire edge of the notebook page so that the application can properly crop the page.

A small thumbnail will appear at the bottom of the application screen allowing you to review the recording before continuing.

After a successful scan, click the thumbnail to preview the page.

When you are satisfied with your selections, click Next and select your goals on the Goals page.

You can also manually rename the scan before exporting the scanned pages.

Send scans automatically

One of my favorite Rocketbook features is the ability to automatically send scans.

This can be done by toggling the auto-send option on the login page.

By placing an X on the corresponding icon on the notebook page, it was automatically sent to the intended destination after scanning the page.

Using apps with beacons

The beacons are four orange triangles taped to the whiteboard so you can see them in the Rocketbook app.

It acts as a frame or border that tells the application to crop the image displayed on the whiteboard.

This app can record videos and take pictures of the whiteboard.

These videos can be exported as GIFs.

I love GIFs because they are easy to share and have small file sizes.

That way it won’t take up too much space on your phone or cloud.

Additionally, the beacon is removable and can be reattached to multiple surfaces.

I love taking my Beacon to school and filming lectures in class.

I introduced his Beacon to teachers and they liked it so much that now more students are using Beacon for taking notes.

Record video as GIF

Rocketbook captured a five-second video of him on my whiteboard while maintaining the same angle, orientation, and distance as when scanning.

Click OK to begin.

After recording the video, the app will ask if the video is ready to be uploaded.

Any issues with whiteboard scans will be sent to Rocketbook HQ to improve our computer vision algorithms.

You can upload or repeat videos.

Sending Beacon GIFs and images of her to the whiteboard involves a process similar to exporting scanned pages.

I followed the instructions and exported the GIF or image to the destination of my choice.

Scan multiple pages with Rocketbook

The application can also scan a stack of pages.

However, this is not the default option, so I had to change it to enable it.

To do this, go to the Targets page and toggle the Bundle Scan option.

Note that when you enable this setting, scans are not automatically sent and the file type is automatically set to PDF.

The app identifies pages included in bundled scans by looking for the icon X icon at the bottom of the page.

Then scan the marked pages in order of preference, click thumbnails to preview, and click Next to export the files to your destination.

My Overall Experience – An App Worth It

Setting up the app for the first time can take some time, especially when using beacons.

I had to peel off four triangle stickers, stick them on a whiteboard, and set a goal.

But it’s a minor inconvenience compared to the app’s main advantage of saving time after the whole setup is done.

Rocketbook works better than your phone’s share/export options, allowing you to sort through a myriad of options before reaching the right target.

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Last but not least

The Rocketbook app is the perfect companion for users like me who love to take notes, scribble, and scribble.

This is a great way to combine the power of technology with traditional note-taking methods.

We are excited to see how app developers improve their apps and make them work across a wide range of products.

Enjoy your notes and get the most out of this amazing app for students!

You can download all the apps on:


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