These Are The 8 Most Downloaded Apps By Celebrities

These Are The 8 Most Downloaded Apps By Celebrities

These Are The 8 Most Downloaded Apps By Celebrities

It’s a crazy time to be alive! Celebrities are more relatable than ever.

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Follow and connect with people who inspire you.

Whether you’re a YouTube star, athlete, musician, or actor, you can connect with your favorite stars with just a few taps of your smartphone.

After all, the world is a digital playground, and there are apps for everything.

In fact, you can be tedious and unconsciously scroll through your phone and install various entertainment apps.

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Celebrities are no exception in this regard! This article discusses the apps that celebrities have stuck on their phones.

Face Swap Live

Did you know that one picture can say over 1000 words? Face Swap Live’s real-time face swap technology allows you to make it more meaningful.

If you don’t want your app to be basic, we recommend trying Face Swap Live.

It’s fun to play this app with friends and family.

Imagine swapping faces with your favorite star.

Want to be a movie star? Would you like to take a selfie with the president?

Make your little wish come true with a live broadcast that changes your face! Notable users of Face Swap Live include PewDiePie, Kylie Jenner, Jenna Marbles and Sia.

They get a lot of attention by sharing videos.

Moreover, its quality of operation makes it a top choice for those looking to turn a boring meeting with friends into a viral sensation.

Face Swap Live is available for both her Android and iPhone users, so you’re covered no matter what device you’re using.


Nothing describes you more than a cute little cartoon character.

Gone are the days of boring and mediocre emojis. Bitmoji are an exciting alternative to express your playfulness.

This is a popular concept among his Generation Z as well.

Many celebrities such as Zach Braff and Seth Rogen have also used his Bitmoji.

Jennifer Aniston is another famous celebrity who is a fan of Bitmoji.

She admitted to creating emojis for herself and others and shared her love for the app.

Interestingly, Bitmoji never paid these celebrities to use the app. Instead, the app uses facial recognition to transform selfies into personalized emojis.

You can also create stickers to use in other messaging apps like WhatsApp.

Additionally, the app appeals to many gamers who want to create their own avatar for their online gaming profile.

Download his Bitmoji now from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and join the exciting new world of stickers.


From Hollywood elites to sports and music superstars, celebrities around the world use Instagram as the ultimate means of self-expression.

In short, it’s the ideal photo sharing app for celebrities, brands and audiences. Over 2/3 of his Instagram users are from He’s 18 to He’s 34.

Most celebrities love sharing their behind-the-scenes lives on Instagram and keeping their followers up to date.

There’s nothing like seeing what your favorite stars are doing behind the scenes.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Ariana Grande are among the top five most followed celebrities on Instagram.

Almost every celebrity uses Instagram, so the list of users is endless.

With Instagram, your smartphone becomes your VIP pass to the hottest parties, coveted front row seats, and legendary celebrity nights.

Easily download Instagram from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and share your world with your friends in photos and videos!


Snapchat is his one of the favorite apps of many celebrities.

Popular for its unique filters and effects. Top celebrity Snapchat users include Dwayne Johnson, Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas.

The platform allows you to show off your personality in a ridiculous way without compromising your “brand” too much.

People can decorate their snaps with anything from furry dog ears to moving rainbows.

Given its popularity, Snapchat will have more than 400 million users by 2024, according to Statista.

It is estimated that But sending pictures isn’t the only fun way.

Thanks to this app, you can experience an epic streak with your friends and family.

Unlike other social media platforms, Snapchat is all about sharing the moments that are really happening in your life.

So you can be in the moment and enjoy in peace!Best of all, Snapchat is available for both his Android and iPhone users.

Perfect 365

We’ve all seen the Kardashian and Jenner family selfies and wondered how perfect they look…the secret has come out! They use her Perfect365 to edit his Instagram photos.

You can also customize your own style with thousands of makeup and hairstyles.It’s time to paint the city red for that sexy look you’ve been craving.

Whatever your dream makeover is, Perfect365 can help you achieve it with his 20 makeup and beauty tools.

The app also comes with over 200 preset styles so you can swipe through your look with just one tap.

Perfect365 brings you the latest beauty looks straight from the runway, from fashion moguls to today’s hottest influencers.

The app has over 100 million users worldwide.

You can now download Perfect365 from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and get closer to perfect skin.


With millions of users around the world, Tinder is always ready to connect with you.

Open the app and browse profiles at your own pace.

Swipe right when someone gets your attention. If not, swipe left.

If you feel connected to each other, congratulations! You are already a match! But this app isn’t just for couples who want to become freeriders.

You can use them to make new friends, find extramarital affairs, move out of the house, etc.

Tinder is free for Android and iPhone users, but you can purchase premium features to make your profile more can be managed in detail.

It also has a very simple premise.

First, you need to create a profile with basic information and a photo.

Then look for other users with similar interests or characteristics in a specific area.

The app is designed for quick connections.

Tinder is also one of the hotspots that celebrities love to talk about. Some famous users are Andy Cohen, Leonardo DiCaprio and Hilary Duff.


Headspace helps users meditate through high-quality short videos that complement guided meditation tracks.

You can download the app absolutely free, it offers a 7-day free trial, after which there is a monthly fee.

You can choose an annual or monthly plan. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your free trial at any time.

In fact, Headspace takes you beyond guided meditation and gives you the insights and tools to help you live a more focused life.

You’ll find tips on how to apply mindfulness to everyday activities such as eating or walking.

It also provides insight and inspiration with expert advice on how to manage stress, improve sleep and improve relationships.

Emma Watson, Jessica Alba and Davina McCall use Headspace to relax.

This app is perfect for celebrities, stars and successful people.

You can check out coaching sessions and tips to keep an eye on everything you do every day.

So if you want to be in the best mood, get this app now from the Google Play Store or Apple Store.

Candy Crush Saga

This extraordinary puzzle game is loved by millions of players around the world.

If you’ve never played Candy Crush Saga, download this addictive puzzle adventure game from the Google Play Store or Apple Store and enter a delicious world full of candy.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, like Pete Wentz and Emma Roberts, couldn’t put down Candy Crush Saga!

If you focus on strategy and quick thinking, you can swap and combine candies in different ways to pass hundreds of levels.

Can you solve all the puzzles and reach the king’s castle? Do you have what it takes to become a Candy Crush master? Make sure your sweet tooth is on top to overcome all these tricky levels.

Candy Crush Saga is a fun and exciting free game.

However, you can also pay for other in-game items if you wish. If not, you can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

You can solve the Candy Crush Saga alone or play with friends to see who can collect the sweetest points.

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In conclusion

The last point is that celebrities are just like us.

They also download apps that make their lives easier and more fun.

After all, good communication skills help stars survive in the entertainment industry and stay popular among fans.

Therefore, most of them are still active in the world of social networks and communicate effectively with people through these applications.

The app listed above is one of the most downloaded apps by celebrities. We bet you’ll want to try them out as a loyal celebrity follower. Keep enjoying it!

You can download all the apps on:


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